Social Media Marketing Video (Bronze)


We make engaging, inspiring and motivating Social Media Marketing Videos for your business. These videos are ideal for sharing on your website but the main purpose is for extending your reach across social networks and gaining new leads for your business.

Using professional editing techniques, we will get your vision, brand and message into a short video that will capture the eye and encourage interaction.

This standard bronze package includes:

  • Approx. 30 seconds for stunning motion video, linked to the message of the video
  • Text overlay for users who are watching on mobile without audio enabled
  • Stock images and videos licensed for your usage
  • Royalty-free music matched to the content
  • Trimming and re-arranging clips
  • Brand matching of text colours to your business
  • Smooth and timely transitions
  • Artificial Intelligence produced generated voiceover (extremely close to a real human voice)
  • Your logo & website details

The video will be shot in square 4:3 format which is ideal for users watching on a mobile, as a significant percentage of social media traffic is mobile-based.

However, we strongly recommend you also consider selecting the additional options below for Widescreen videos, which give the best experience on desk-based computers particularly when viewing YouTube or LinkedIn, and also Vertical videos that provide a full-screen portrait experience, particularly popular on Facebook, Instragram, TikTok and Snapchat. Please check the boxes below to add these formats to your order and receive a uniquely shot video for each format.

The more social media networks you target, in the format that works best for them, the more reach the video will have resulting in more clicks, visits and new customers.

For this Bronze package, the client should provide the script. If you need us to provide scriptwriting we include that in both our Silver and Gold packages.

All videos are delivered within 10 working days, unless express delivery is requested below, and include one free revision to make changes to anything you require adjusting.